Smart Solutions creates marketing solutions for non-profits & health-focused organizations that drive revenue and engage customers. 

Gigi brought a deep understanding of digital branding and content management to her work with our firm. She’s very good at helping to refine a core value proposition for SEO maximization. I also found Gigi to be responsible with our marketing budget. Our conversations always focused on brand impact and content distribution across targeted marketing channels. I would recommend Gigi to any firm seeking a proven strategic marketing expert.
— Chris Smith, VP Sales & Marketing at The Barbour Group

Smart Solutions doesn't "do it all." Instead, we have developed expertise in a selection of marketing services that deliver results for non-profit and health-focused organizations.

  • Integrated Marketing: You need to reach your customers where they are, which means using several channels both online and offline to market your business. Your message needs to be compelling – and it needs to be consistent. We get inside your brand and tell your story from the inside out. We believe telling a compelling story is the first step in attracting and retaining customers. We specialize in writing for the web and print, as well as script-writing for video and live events. 
  • Branding: Re-defining your brand is challenging; maintaining and promoting your brand consistently is an art form. We provide expertise in organizational rebranding, integrated brand promotion, and brand consistency & integrity. Taking an organization through a rebranding exercise, managing the design services, gaining Board of Director approval, and relaunching the brand at the opening bell of the NYSE is a highlight for us – and we did it all in ten weeks!
  • Visual Design Solutions: That Word document you slaved over is full of great stuff, new product data, brand promotions and consumer calls to action. You've brought the steak, we'll add the sizzle. In a world full of content, your message needs to stand out to grab attention. We specialize in creating on-brand, stunning visual solutions that get noticed – and get results.
  • Analytics & Reporting: As the saying goes, if you can't measure it, it didn't happen. Data drives decisions – and investments. We specialize in analysis of integrated marketing campaigns, online traffic & exposure, and survey data analysis and reporting.†
  • Media Solutions: Whether you have a new product to announce, an event to promote, or a business milestone to herald, you will reach more media with a press release than through any other single channel. Our multi-media press releases routinely out-perform industry benchmarks, including media views and traffic, by more than 40%.*
†Ask us about our select survey design services
*Based on PR Newswire's current year industry benchmark data