We believe that "good enough" is not good enough.


We believe excellence is standard operating procedure.
We believe that big thinking (+) practical application (x) determination = success.
We believe in the collaborative process.

We believe that change is a constant, and to excel it's necessary to challenge the status quo. Our philosophy is to look beyond the way it's always been done to find the way it needs to be done today, right now, for your business. We won't stop until we implement the right marketing solution for your non-profit or health-focused organization.  

We ask a lot of questions and look at your marketing needs from all angles. We don't want to create just any solution, we work to find and implement the best solution for the biggest returns, within your budget. It's that simple, but not that easy. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Everyone isn't...we are.

Gigi’s knowledge of facilitation, creative thinking, social networking, organizational development and marketing allows her to think both about the details of the project as well as the big picture. I first worked with her as a vendor where she really impressed me as someone who “got it,” and when I had the opportunity to hire her, I jumped at it. And will do so again! Gigi is a definite keeper and a sharp person to have on your side.
— Jonathan Vehar, Senior Faculty at the Center for Creative Leadership

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